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Sorted Social Club LogoWe aim to simply promote the artists we believe in, the ones we know will move you and make every single party count. The focus will be quality, not quantity.

Here’s how this story starts: once upon a time, two hardcore music lovers and hard-working members of crews various and sundry along Colorado’s front range decided that although they had much love for their local scene, there was something missing. A sound they weren’t hearing quite often enough. Sound that defies genres, blurs lines and mutates the traditions of UK bass music, house, garage and techno. Those two people are Wally and Veronica.

Subsequently, we decided to take on this venture with the plan to showcase sounds that push through genre boundaries and take 30+ years of collective experience to create the very best parties possible. Sorted wants to form a community within our underground scene that fosters a safe place to get down for every type of person. We want to push you out of your comfort zone and show you a different side of electronic music. Most of all, we really want you to have fun.

Sorted Social Club

With the Sorted Social Club we will offer more to the event experience that just a party. The hope is to provide a community of collaboration, where social club members can help inform the event curation, participate in the production process and grow the community together.

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