For all future events, Sorted will require proof of vaccination as a condition of entry.

Door Procedure

When you arrive at the party, we will be checking at the door for proof of vaccination. We will accept only the myColorado app or the physical vaccination card. If you cannot present proof, you will not be allowed entry, and you will not get a refund or be allowed to transfer your ticket. These are the only forms of proof we will accept – we cannot accept screenshots.

Ticket Refunds

If you are not vaccinated and are a ticket holder, you will have until 1PM the day before the event to request a refund. You are able to transfer your ticket via the eventbrite app or website at any time.

Why? Community!

One hears a lot of talk about “community” in the dance music scene. To us, this is what community looks like – giving enough of a shit about your fellow ravers that you’re willing to jump through a hoop or two in order to rave safely and protect yourself and your family on the dancefloor. We know getting tested when you’re already vaccinated may seem like quite the effort, which is why we’re making it voluntary. However, we want to be clear: we HIGHLY encourage all attendees to get tested beforehand, and we expect that a majority of the party will have been tested. Please help us make this happen!


Feel free to email us at with any questions or concerns, especially if you have health conditions that prevent you from being able to receive the COVID 19 Vaccine. This is a lot to navigate and we are here to help!


  • Only vaccinated people with proof via actual vax card or myColorado app people can enter
  • If you aren’t vaccinated but have a ticket, you have until the day before to request a refund
  • If you cant provide proof of vaccination at the door you can’t get a refund

With Gratitude,

Wally and Veronica