Thank you for becoming a member of Social Sorted Club. We want you to know that every event we make happen, every production we put together will be an ABSOLUTE LABOR OF LOVE and we are so excited to share our social club with you! <3

Our goal is simply to promote the artists we believe in, the ones we know will move you like they move us, and take our 30+ years of collective experience to create the very best parties possible. We will make every single party count: *quality*, not quantity.

We know there’s a lot of options in the Colorado dance music scene right now. We have amazing dancefloors, and feel *so blessed* to be part of this vibrant scene. In forming SORTED our intention is not to say that the many amazing options we have aren’t good enough, but simply, there ought to be more of the sounds WE want to hear! The social club will allow us to all participate together in many different types of spaces throughout the Colorado area to create something quite special.

… and now, you are ALL SORTED!

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