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  • Thu

    Map.ache, Ron S & new#2 pt by Nocturnal, Love Vinyl, & Sorted

    9:00 pmMilk Bar

    map.ache | DEU - Giegling / KANN
    Ron S | STL - Anode Records
    newnumbertwo | DEN - MESS / Sorted

    Presented by Nocturnal / Love Vinyl / Sorted Presents

    map.ache is a DJ, producer, and co-founder of the Berlin-based label, KANN. He is also (alongside KANN co-founder Sevensol) part of the charming DJ duo Manamana. In addition to his solo full-length "Ulfo" and 2 EPs released on KANN, he made his solo debut, a masterpiece of ethereal deep house called "The Golden Age", on Giegling recently, next to diverse remixes for Permanent Vacation and Moon Harbour. You can find him at kann-records.com