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  • Sat

    Sorted #13 - Hodge, Ghostband & Taylor Bratches

    11pm - 5amTBA

    We are happy & relieved to finally announce a date for Sorted 13! 🎉

    Words cannot express how much we have all missed our fellowship with the Sorted family. The last 18 months have been really tough for all of us, and it feels like a real blessing and privilege that we will soon get to turn down the lights, turn up the bass and get busy on the dancefloor! ❤️‍🔥 All things considered, OF COURSE the DJ that breaks the champagne bottle on our first big post-lockdown jam is our dear friend and best mate Hodge. We can think of no other DJ that embodies everything we love about music and this community more than Hodge, and every set he plays for us is somehow both more epic, yet more intimate than the previous. 🍾

    Supporting Hodge, we are pleased to announce the Colorado debut of Ghostband! Ghostband aka Jon Davis, is an extremely talented multi-instrumentalist from Minneapolis, and he’ll be performing a live PA of breaks, bleeps & bass. 🎹

    Last but not least, we’re stoked for the Sorted debut of Taylor Bratches. Although Taylor is a relative newcomer, she has really been putting in the work the last few years, honing her craft and engaging with our community on multiple levels, from releasing mixes on the Walking & Falling, The Bunker & Sorted podcasts to writing articles for Resident Advisor. We’re honored to have her on the lineup. 👽

    Finally, we should mention that a scheduling conflict means that Beta Librae will have to wait for another time, but rest assured we’re working on bringing her out in the future. 📅

    UK | Houndstooth / Livity Sound / Berceuse Heroique /
    Sitting on the edge of the more dystopian borders of Techno, Hodge’s productions and DJ sets boast an unremitting sense of energy and excitement which cannot be missed.
    Taylor Bratches
    NYC | Walking & Falling
    Minneapolis, MN
    https://ghostband.bandcamp.com/🎉 21+
    🏭 All night long, intimate, limited capacity warehouse